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Get To Know Us ♥

Posted: Oct 14 2017

Here at 6 By Gee Beauty we all know and love one another so of course we want to know you and form relationships. We will make the first move, follow each of us around on a typical day in the city lets call it a day in the life of a 6 girl. But lets not get carried away introductions first here are a few questions to get to know us. 

Lets start with Tamura : 

1. Coffee or Tea? - Coffee always coffee, Michelle taught me to add a pinch of cinnamon and i haven't looked back since.
2. Number one played song on your phone? - Hmm thats hard anything thats hip hop honestly but I don't descriminate I like R&B also.
3. Favourite time of year? - Probably fall it used to be winter because I love the holidays but I get cold all the time and me and the cold aren't friends. 
4.What chore do hate doing most ? - Washing dishes! 
5. Whats your favourite food? - Avocados in any way shape or form, give me an discriminate and you have my heart. 
6. Whats your Cheat day go to treat ? - Frozen Yogurt with sprinkles, wait maybe candy? but I eat that everyday so i guess its cheat day 7 days a week and I'm okay with that. I won't tell if you don't.
7.If you could gain the knowledge of anything over night what would it be? - I would love to speak fluently in at least 4 different languages. 
8.Last Text message you sent? - It honestly was to Kristen asking her what she got at Whole Foods. we keep it pretty interesting what can i say ? 
9.Favourite movie? - I don't like this question, when someone asks me i forget every movie I've ever watched. I guess i would say mr.&mrs Smith or Room those are ones ill watch forever. 
10. Whats something your passionate about right now? Im passionate about a lot of things but if i had to choose one it would be workout gear we just started carrying this brand Ultracor and I'm obsessed so comfortable and stylish. sold ! 
11.Favourite place you have travelled or want to travel to? - Greece and Italy hands down. 
12. How do you Relax after a day at 6? - I love my job i truly do so I'm not in need of a whole lot of relaxation but usually I make dinner, go for a drink or shop..You probably wouldn't understand the term shop till you drop until we have met. 
13.What fad or trend do you wish would come back in style? - Im very open to new trends so pretty much anything, bring it on! 
14. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be and why ? - Everyone I love and care about friends and family .I believe you connect with who your supposed to know and enrich one another lives i want no more no less then who i have right now. 
15. Whats your favourite thing about working at 6 ? - Can I say everything and not sound cliche? Its the truth the people the clothing the atmosphere. Through thick and thin i know i can always count on 6 to be a happy and positive place. xoxo


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