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  • Le Labo - Patchouli 24 Perfume Oil
Le Labo - Patchouli 24 Perfume Oil

Le Labo

Patchouli 24 Perfume Oil




The perfume oil is an alternative to those who wish to use perfume without alcohol. A 1 ounce perfume eyedropper, to be carried anywhere and to be used everywhere: from your pulse points, your mane, your neck, your cleavage, to your beard... It perfumes as well as smoothes and softens your skin and hair thanks to the linoleic acid it contains. Even though it is vital to the olfactory shock this perfume generates, Patchouli is not easy to detect in this formula. The smoky, leathery character of birch takes over in the first few seconds, making this signature absolutely unique and difficult to situate. Fortunately, a calming touch of vanilla comes in to bring peace, sensuality and softness to these violent animal notes.

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